2D Art

Throughout my history, I’ve had an affinity for graphic design. There’s something about designing logo work, about working with print and web assets… I dunno. I enjoy layout, design, and especially branding. Here’s some of the things that I’ve worked on, in no particular order.

I’ve worked on my logo design numerous times, updating it every couple of years to try and keep things fresh. With a name like Karratti, it’s fun to circulate around ideas like ninjas, martial arts, and the like, and so my original design, on the right, incorporated a stoic, mysterious, feel. But that, along with the one in the center, both seemed a little too foreboding – A little too dark.

A year or so later, while sketching some ideas, I came up with the image on the far left, which was a lot more colorful, but could have done with a few more passes. I did like the design, but it was still far too complicated to use as an actual logo.

On my homepage, I’ve finally settled on the shuriken five-pointed star, which still evokes a “martial arts” feel while remaining relatively simple. It seems to get the point across, so I’ve been sticking with it.

Photoshop, Illustrator.

During the development of Below The Line, we needed to create some branding material for the fictional show, “Sugar and Spies” that the crew was working on. To that end, we created shirts, posters, and other material to make the show feel more real. I was pretty excited by how the S&S logo came out.


I really can’t take all the credit for the silliness of this logo, because it was designed for “What’s So Funny?”, the comedy improv troupe that I ran with from 2009-2011. The “digger” had something to do with a big inside joke that the leader of the group was the singular target of. WSF for life, guys!

Photoshop, Illustrator.

Oh, yes, the Talon Strike Force. I helped to start this gaming clan while engrossed in the game MAG, on PS3. (Still, to me, my favorite shooter of all time. Period.) When we first put the clan together, RocketRob99 and I talked about what to name the clan, and when we came up with “Talon” as a basic, I put this logo together. After putting it to a vote with other logo ideas, this was the one that won out.

You can see it in use here, at the TLN Website.

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