3D Art

As a producer, I’ve been doing my best to familiarize myself with the artistic process. These are some of the pieces that I’ve put together. They may not be the best ways to get it done, but I like the way most of these have come out.


I’m a big fan of Captain America. On the other hand, I’m also a huge fan of WALL-E, for not-necessarily similar reasons. (I’m a sucker for superheroes.) I’ve found that I really enjoy hard-line modeling, as “organic” models are a little more difficult for me. As such, the robotic form of WALL-E really appealed to me. The texturing and grunge on a clean bot also presented an interesting challenge.


(Honestly, though, the addition of the shield was just more of a fun homage to the “Hello Dolly” scene where the little bot uses a trash can lid as a hat, along with my own predilection for Cap.)

This is cool.

As a huge fan of Borderlands, I wanted to put something together that may fit in that game world. While Borderlands has yet to focus heavily on melee weapons in their games (outside of bayonets, and possibly Brick’s fists), I thought the Sharpshot would fit right into the insanity.

Plus, a shotgun in the handle of a big old sword? Awesome.

Maya and Photoshop, hand-painted.

For this task, my focus was only on the textures. I was given a model from a friend of mine, and went through a number of iterations, making sure that it all fit together seamlessly.

Also, I’m totally working on a Karratti Shieldworks company. We’re going to make Captain America shields. I hear it’s a pretty good market these days.

Maya, Photoshop, and CrazyBump.

To experiment with tiling, (and to push my modeling skills forward), I modeled and textured the Wells Fargo Building in downtown Salt Lake City. I especially enjoyed the challenge of getting a lot of details in using only a little bit of texturing space. I think it came out alright, actually.

Maya, Photoshop, and CrazyBump.

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